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Affordable, sustainable energy for all – transforming electricity supply in Australia and Indonesia.

The Energy Cluster asked the question, ‘What is the best way to transition from fossil fuels to the energy sources of the future?’ Its particular focus was remote and rural Indonesia, where about 67 million people are living off thegrid, either using expensive, non-renewable power such as diesel or going without altogether.

Australia, too, has many remote Indigenous, mining and small-island communities.


  1. Creating a detailed Indonesian energy technology assessment (IETA) projecting the future cost of generating power via different technologies. The report will help planners and policymakers make informed decisions about the future of Indonesia’s energy network. It was presented at a forum at the Australian Embassy Jakarta in 2018.

  2. Securing APEC funding for the project titled “Integrated energy system planning for equitable access to sustainable energy for remote communities in the APEC regions using North Sulawesi as a pilot project/ testbed.” Researchers from Monash, Institut Teknologi Bandung and Institut Pertanian Bogor are engaging with communities in North Sulawesi, City of Bitung and Universitas Sam Ratulangi to model a Low Carbon Model Town initiative.

  3. Attracting a $100,000 commitment from CWP Renewables, a global company with business activities in both Australia and Indonesia.

  4. Working with the European Climate Foundation fund to develop a state-of-the art analysis of the renewable transformation potential for the Java-Bali power system.

  5. Building deep and lasting research networks between Australian and Indonesian academics and institutions.

  6. Evaluating the potential for biofuel use and production in Indonesia’s future energy mix.

  7. Developing models for the design and installation of microgrids in remote communities, taking into account specific economic, social and cultural factors and examining the impacts of electrification.

  8. Creating robust models for the integration of clean energy microgrids into large-scale transmission systems.

  9. Developing a novel method of measuring fouling on a ship’s hull, a technology with the potential to deliver significant widespread economic and environmental benefits to the global transport industry.

  10. Evaluating options for large-scale generation and storage of renewable energy, including identification of potential pumped hydro energy storage sites and enumerating the benefits of deep decarbonisation of the Indonesian economy.

  11. Presentations to government and industry aim to shape policies and advance technologies to help reach Indonesia’s renewable energy targets set by President Joko Widodo’s government.


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Affordable, sustainable energy for all – transforming electricity supply in Australia and Indonesia

Optimal microgrid design and operations

Indonesian energy technology and resource assessments

Microgrids as enablers of sustainable power system investment and decarbonisation pathways

Near off-grid solutions using renewable energy technologies and demand side prediction

Building coalitions to support community empowerment through renewable energy and livelihood solutions

Operational security support for power and energy systems: networked microgrids as the solution

Indonesia-Australia renewable energy super grid

Remote area electrification in Indonesia

Energy sustainability in naval and aerospace systems through improved turbulence management

Case study on decarbonising the Indonesian electricity sector

Priorities and pathways to implementation for energy and urban sustainable development goals for Indonesia

Overcoming legal and governance barriers to clean energy in Indonesia and Australia

Evaluation of technologies for energy from biomass and waste

Mapping the energy resources and infrastructure of Indonesia for efficient and equitable system growth, and electrification of remote/island populations

*Does not include in-kind investment

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