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Innovative approaches to address primary prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases.

Maintaining the health and wellbeing of young people is of paramount importance to a society’s sustainable growth and advancement. The great challenge facing both countries will be preventing illness, disability and premature death from non-communicable diseases (NCDs). The World Health Organisation estimates such diseases are responsible for 71 per cent of worldwide deaths each year, and has declared them the second greatest threat to global health, behind only pollution and climate change.


  1. Identifying barriers to fresh nutritious food among young people, their need for spaces to be physically active, as well as the increasing pressures that negatively impact their mental wellbeing.

  2. The pilot implementation of healthy lifestyle trainin (around diet, exercise and the dangers of smoking within two existing Indonesian school health programs.

  3. Evaluation of the advertising tactics of Big Formula showed Indonesian and Australian mothers and health professionals were influenced away from exclusive breastfeeding towards purchasing their less-healthy products.

  4. Geospatial mapping demonstrated the saturation of Big Tobacco advertising targeting children and adolescents around schools (places that are intended to be healthy and safe spaces for children and young people).

  5. In October 2017, the Indonesian delegates to the International Association for Adolescent Health Congress committed to form a national adolescent health association. This has led to the establishment of the Indonesian Association for Adolescent Health (AKAR), a resource for influencing Indonesian policy agendas, research, education and training, and clinical practice.

  6. Raising awareness to the ‘double burden’ of nutrition in children and adolescents, with the need to reduce stunting and obesity.

  7. Supporting the development of empowered, bilateral collaborative research partnerships.

  8. Providing opportunities for experiencing research engagement, consultation and learning practices through divergent thinking, appreciative inquiry and participant ownership.


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Evaluation of NCD risks, NCDs and NCD monitoring frameworks in Australia and Indonesia

Assessment of NCD risk factors in Indonesian adolescents

Regional Initiatives: Building health and wellbeing in the first 1000 days

Improving nutritional outcomes in infants

Parent support initiative needs assessment on early NCD prevention in adolescents

Needs assessment of health professionals and medical students in communicating with adolescents about prevention of NCDs

Engaging primary care physicians in approaching adolescents for early prevention of NCDs

Breaking the chain of tobacco smoking by Generation Z by changing the perspective of school students

De-normalising smoking among youths: a school-based smoking prevention program

Collecting minimally sufficient data on child and adolescent mental health disorders in Indonesia

Translation, cultural verification and formal validation of the Centre for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale – Revised (CESD-R) for young people in Indonesia

Cigarettes in small hands: Mapping cigarette retailers around childrenand adolescents in Denpasar, Indonesia

Understanding immune response to tuberculosis infection to help design new vaccines

Uncovering information on nutrition for school age children inIndonesia’s linguistic landscape

Household nutritional intake and trade reform in Indonesia

Universal Health Coverage for the informal sector

A study of pneumonia in hospitalised Indonesian children and its association with vitamin D deficiency

Transform: Investing in leadership and building educational and translational capacity for early prevention of NCDs

*Does not include in-kind investment

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